Looking to learn about what visuals might be suitable for your child? Considering using a token board? Join us for a free webinar on all the in's and out's of using visuals and schedules and token boards!Self isolation might not be easy but we can help ease some of the struggles you might be facing.


Free material development for attendee's! 

RUBI Parent Training for Disruptive Behaviours: ONLINE

The RUBI Autism Network has developed a one-of-a-kind parent training series. It gives parents the skills necessary to be able to identify the variables maintaining disruptive behaviours, make a plan to reduce those behaviours and develop a program that works!

New Leaf Autism & ABA is offering the RUBI Parent Training Modules ONLINE. These sessions combine group learning as well as 1:1 individualized sessions all facilitated by a BCBA. 

Get the training you need from the comfort of your own home!

Registration is on-going but spaces in each cohort are limited. Register now to secure your spot!

With the current physical distancing rules in place, we are striving to continue to provide quality services via Telehealth. We will be posting a variety of short educational clips, ABA and related resources and broadening the online services that we offer. In the meantime, please check our various social media platforms for updates and contact us to arrange a complimentary 1:1 video conference to determine your needs.

Have ideas or suggestions? Please don't hesitate to let us know! We want to provide the services you need at a time when you need them most!

The 7-Steps to Effective Parenting is a well researched approach to effectively managing the struggles that may arise with Autism, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and parenting in general. Our upcoming webinar will provide a thorough insight to the steps Robert Schramm MA, BCBA has researched and implemented with success for many years. Learn how to set the foundation ensure that our children are consistently accessing an environment that sets them up for success (and eliminates the struggle!). 

This webinar will be available both live and as a recording however registration is required for both. Please indicate in your registration if you will be attending live or wish to have access to the recording.

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