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Parent Training


  • 8 week block/2 hours per session on a weekly basis - $650

  • Use of visuals, increase skills acquisition, apply general ABA concepts to daily living, toileting

  • Includes development  of all required materials

  • Parents determine the goal

  • Data collections/monitoring by Senior Therapist 

  • Parents must adhere to the developed plan/data collection


  • 8 week/2 hours per session on a weekly basis - $800

  • Brief Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA)

  • Development of behaviour protocol and required materials/data sheets

  • 1:1 training with parent in-home 

  • Focus will be on antecedent strategies and environmental factors unless the behaviour occurs while session is occurring 

  • Parental involvement and adherence to the developed plan is essential

  • Safety Care training is available for behaviours that are aggressive/dangerous and can be included into the training for an additional $150