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At New Leaf Autism & ABA Services, we’re committed to providing you and your loved ones with exceptional care in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere. Our new location will have over 4, 000 square feet which is conducive to providing our individuals with access to various activities both in the community and from the comfort and safety of our north end Niagara Falls centre.

New Leaf is comprised of front-line staff that are RBT trained and Senior staff holding Master's degrees in psychology, education and social work.

A BCBA is on-site and directly involved with the individual's and program development. Staff are Safety Care trained as well as up-to-date CPR and First Aid.

Our team is dedicated and here for your family every step of the way. We strongly believe that support and access to resources should not end at a certain age - which is why we have expanded our uniquely tailored services. From toddler to adulthood - "We are in this together".

Adult Services


Holding Hands

Day Program

Starting Summer 2020

  •  Monday - Friday: 9:00AM-3:00PM, ages 18+ 

  • Ratio of 1 staff for every 5 individuals supported

  • Intake assessment for eligibility required (no fee).

  • This program will provide individuals with access to community events and activities as well as a group of consistent peers. Opportunities to learn social and life skills through various modalities including structured learning times, natural environment teaching and individualized goals focused on their strengths and needs

  • Days include a learning period to promote cognitive development/maintenance as well as skill acquisition, group meals and meal prep focusing on independence and socially appropriate skills, physical activity that meets the needs/abilities of each individual as well as group games, independent time and access to a consistent group of peers

  • We will be collaborating with various community partners to provide our individuals with access to opportunities such as yoga, music therapy, animal therapy and much more!

  • Passport funding is accepted

  • BCBA oversight, RBT trained staff  

High Fives


  • Adult day respite (Saturday/Sunday) 

  • Various time blocks to choose from

  • Must register 1 month prior/can register for multiple sessions at a time

  • Lunch provided

  • Sessions will consist of leisure activities such as team building, crafts, movies, special guests, physical exercise and skill building

  • Calendar of events provided each month

  • 1:5 ratio (staff:individuals), those requiring 1:1 are welcome to attend however additional fees may be incurred

  • BCBA oversight. Experienced and qualified staff with clinicians present/available.

Community Respite

  • 1:1 community respite with qualified staff

  • Attend events, community activities with direct support

  • $28/hour + cost of activity for both the individual and the staff

  • Includes 15km of staff travel (during activity) .40 cents per km thereafter

  • Staff have liability insurance and suitable motor vehicle insurance

  • Rate for those with significant needs/behaviours may be higher