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1:1 Behavioural Services

IBI (Intensive Behavioural Intervention) is 20+ hours per week of specialized learning. IBI focuses on closing the learning gap between those with Autism and their typically developing peers. Having students participate in 20+ hours per week of intensive learning may increase their learning trajectory and help develop age appropriate skills.

We offer intensive services for those that require it, but do accomodate those learners that require less hours of service.

New Leaf Autism & ABA offers centre-based services that match the needs of each student. The number of hours each student requires is determined on an individual basis by completing a number of assessments prior to initiating services.

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Social Groups

Keep an eye out for our monthly calendar to include new services and offerings in 2020. This calendar will highlight the themes and ages for each social group or drop-in session during that month.

Like all our services, these groups ensure all ages and skill levels are targeted throughout the month, allowing all individuals and families to benefit from the fun!

One on One Feedback

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Our Registered Psychotherapists provide 1:1 counselling to children, youth and adults struggling with symptoms of depression and anxiety. Our therapists will assist in developing emotional regulation and coping skills for all ages.

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Adult Services

All services mentioned are also offered to our adult population however for more information on services available uniquely tailored to adults please contact us.