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About Us

Get to Know Us a Bit Better

At New Leaf Autism & ABA Services, we’re committed to providing you and your loved ones with exceptional services in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere. Our staff are experienced clinicians with various post-graduate training and education in Autism and ABA.

We are centrally located in Niagara Falls, and easily accessed by public transit. 

New Leaf Autism & ABA was founded to provide those with Developmental Disabilities in the Niagara region with access to essential services they need to help them live meaningful, independent lives. We have experienced first-hand, the detrimental effects that long waitlists can have on those with Autism and therefore we strive to ensure that we provide services in a timely manner.

New Leaf Autism & ABA provides services to those of all ages including ABA, IBI, consultative services (with families, schools and community agencies) and social groups. We ensure that our services are evidence-based and developed to fit the needs of families and caregivers.

Providing a service for everyone regardless of age, skill level or behavioural concern is a priority of ours.

Was your child recently diagnosed with Autism?

Are you in search of a provider for treatment (ABA or psychotherapy)?

Are you looking for additional support in developing your child’s independent skills?

Do you have a teenager that struggles with emotional regulation? Social Skills?

Are you looking for consultation on a specific behaviour?

Do you require intensive assistance with aggressive behaviour? 

We have something to meet your needs!


Our Team

Our senior staff include Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA’s), Registered Psychotherapists and Masters Level clinicians pursuing BCBA certification.

Our front-line staff (interventionists) are well-trained and have completed post graduate studies in Autism and ABA. All interventionists are closely supervised by our senior staff and undergo frequent hands-on training to ensure that their skills are up-to-date and precise.

All staff have experience in providing evidence-based services (ABA) to a variety of populations including children, youth and adults with varying levels of functioning. We have provided services in various settings such as clinics, residential settings, private homes and schools.

Ensuring families are treated with respect and compassion is one of our core goals. We not only desire family input, we require it so you can be sure that you feel heard when setting priority goals for your loved one.


Do you have the qualifications, skills, dedication along with the desire for growth and development? Then you may be the perfect New Leaf candidate! We are always looking for exceptional talent to join our family. Contact our hiring personnel today for more info at 905-353-1725